In a fraction of a second, a death can change everything for you and your family. At Spiegel Law, PLLC, our team understands the hardships you’re facing. Our office is here to help navigate the complex probate process once you and your family have experienced the loss of a loved one.

In Florida, if a decedent passes away with a will, the personal representative is responsible for opening a probate, proving that the will is valid, inventorying the assets, paying the decedents debts, and distributing the assets in accordance with the will. If the decedent passes away without a will, the Florida Statutes will decide who the personal representative will be, who the heirs are and how the assets will be distributed.

As the personal representative, you have a fiduciary duty to administer the probate estate properly, timely, and in accordance with all the laws of Florida. Filing and managing probate matters can be lengthy and complicated. Let us assist you through the process.

If you are a beneficiary of a probate estate, Spiegel Law, PLLC can help you to not only understand your rights but to protect your rights. Every beneficiary has the right to information about the assets of the estate, an accounting of the transactions of the estate, and to receive distributions. We can advise you as to whether or not the estate’s personal representative is properly performing his/her duties.

If you or a loved one has suffered from the passing of a family member, contact our experienced and dedicated Florida Probate Attorney. We promise to be accessible, answer all your questions, and provide the service and dedication the Tampa Bay area has come to expect from the team at Spiegel Law, PLLC.